Simplify for Joy #13: Self-Worth

Your worth is rooted in who you are, not what (or who) you do.

Dr Seuss said it best.

Think about your favourite person in the whole world. Someone you wouldn't mind seeing every day. The one you love most of all.

Now imagine them being a complete failure in any area of their life (or all of them).

You'd still love them, right? How much you value them doesn't depend on what they do, does it? It's because of who they are, about the way no one will ever be able to replace them.

The same goes for you! You should allow yourself that same freedom. Your true value is not in any way linked to how much, or how well, you do anything.

Cut yourself some slack. Do what you do the best way you know how and then rest well.


*What’s This?

Every week through 2017, we'll attempt one of Erica Layne's 52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life. For more info, you can read our introductory post here.


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