Simplify for Joy #50 - 52: It's A Wrap!

Back to Reality

2018 doesn't scare us, but going back to work for a new year? HELLS, yes.

Maybe it's really more about doing things we have to do instead of doing things we want to do. Whatever the underlying emotions, this is it. This is adulting. Shake it off and sparkle on, but first - since we neglected to post tips for 2017's last three weeks, we'll wrap it up in a single mini list:

50. Warmly decline a social invitation.

We love spending time at home (read "with books"), so this is a no-brainer on our side, but how about you? Do you over commit because you feel that you have some sort of obligation to be social? We're not saying that you should forego all human contact. Just choose the social engagements that will bring you the most joy.

As for how to say 'No thanks', here are some examples.

51. De-complicate your gatherings.

Unless it truly brings you joy, there's no need to go over the top with formal place settings, lavish decor and three-course meals. You can arrange to meet up at a local/central restaurant, or if your budget is constricting, why not invite people over for dessert instead of a whole meal?

As Saffas we're lucky enough that a Bring & Braai (aka Dop & Tjop) is quite commonplace. The host(s) make their house/garden available as venue and ask guests to bring along whatever they cannot afford to provide themselves. Dining outside minimises cleanup and you are free to specify what you can and cannot supply. Basically, it's a BYO[insert preference] with the focus on spending time together.

52. e-Notes

Hand written thank-you notes are pretty swanky, but everyone might not always have the time (or resources) to mail them on time. Also, our national postal service might mean that that your note won't reach its recipient soon enough.

Instead, as soon as a grateful thought crosses your mind, why not send a thank-you text, direct message or email? If it's private (not posted on social media for all to see), it can still be just as sincere. Just remember that emoticons and images can go a long way to make it pretty, but they should compliment, not replace. Use your words.

*What’s This?

Every week through 2017, we attempted one of Erica Layne's 52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life. Find our first post about it here.


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