Simplify for Joy #12: Instinct or Ego?

During a discussion on work conflict, William explained the importance of keeping The Ego out of it.

Focusing on the team goal reaps more rewards than winning, being right, or looking good. Our decisions and actions add more value inside and out when we ignore our egos.

The most difficult part of applying this logic is differentiating between Ego and Intuition. To get us started we've summarised an excellent article posted on Feeling Success:

  • Ego is the mindset that likes to compete with others instead of working together.
  • The ego keeps us always wanting more and never being satisfied with what we already have.
  • Ego is driven and based on the outer world and is always seeking approval and security while your intuition is based on love, joy and finding true happiness in life from the inside out. 
  • Simply put, the egotistic mind can destroy you in every aspect of your life, while the intuitive mind will enlighten every area.
  • Don't do it if the ultimate purpose is money or status.

Ready to try it with us?

*What’s This?

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