Simplify for Joy # 1: Download Your Thoughts

How to safely slam the brakes when caught in a shame spiral.

- Jill Di Donato [The Shame Spiral, Huffington Post, 21 April 2014]

Shame Spirals. We all get caught up in them from time to time. They happen when we continue to inflict torture on ourselves when we already feel bad about something else. To combat getting dragged down by this toxic behaviour, Erica suggests that we do a 'Thought Download' whenever we feel ourselves spinning out of control, so that will be our first Challenge for 2017* - only four simple steps are involved:

Write Them Down

Write down all the things you're thinking about - good and bad. Don't try to find solutions, don't try to analyse or explain them away. Just write them all down.

Read Them

Some of the items on your list may now seem less daunting on paper - but if not, that's also okay. Process a little and then move on to step three...

Choose ONE

No one can do everything all at once. Thinking that you are supposed to, is exactly why you were sucked into this negative thought funnel in the first place. Look at your list and choose one thing you can do today. Just one.

Shake It Off

Shake off everything else. How you do this is entirely up to you. You can meditate, pray, listen to music, do some breathing exercises, yoga, etc.

*What is this?

Every week through 2017, we'll attempt one of Erica Layne's 52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life. Read our introductory post here.


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