Round-Up Week #3

How I Designed My Morning Routine

The night before, I asked around for some last minute advice. Marli basically agreed with my initial list, but also added that:
  • brushing her teeth as soon as she wakes up, helps her fight the urge to get back into bed;
  • exercise is what really snaps her into reality (she's not always sure how she makes it to the gym).
[Whereas Hubby recommended that I just sit up as soon as I hear the alarm. He hates that thing. Probably because he had to endure years and years of listening to me snooze it, and snooze it, and snooze it again.]

What Went Right?

Marli was a champion sidekick! She offered to help me wake up by messaging/phoning me when she opens her eyes - just to make sure I don't hit that damn Snooze Button, but I actually managed 05:00 am OK on my own (so far). #TrueStory What really worked for me was Hubby's 'sit up straight' tip.

Monday we had a grocery shortage issue here at home, which I promptly sorted out after work that very same day, and on Friday, Sloth served a mean backhand by slapping away my conviction to prepare breakfast before I went to work. Other than that, I had breakfast on all the other days, and I'm happy with my progress.

Bible Study went well. Keeping up with the rest of the community is much easier when I have more free time in the morning. The only reason why I fell 1 day behind, was a temporary technical issue with my smartphone.

What Went Wrong?

The 'planning before' tip was not implemented. My lack of discipline in that regard meant that I didn't put as much effort into my appearance as I'd wanted to. Most mornings, I forgot to add some earrings to my ensemble (don't you also feel naked when you notice that you've forgotten to clip them in/on?), on the second morning my eyeliner looked dodge, and to be honest, I could have attempted some Pinterest Hair to spruce up my look.

Before I got dressed every morning, the lure of the television was too strong. I should probably start doing something more productive next week, or get dressed, powdered and painted first...and I really do have to remember stretching...maybe yoga?


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