Round-Up Week #1

It was an easy week. I suspect that both Marli & I are still basking in New Year's Afterglow, so there weren't many opportunities to test out those Thought Downloads.

All I have to report is that on my very first day, on my way to a chill-out party, I slipped a bit. We were running late, and my thoughts started telling me how dirty my car is, how my dogs ignore me and therefore must be completely untrainable; which inexplicably lead to "I'm a disgusting slacker".

Yes, really.

That's EXACTLY what we talked about, but writing a list (or anything, really) whilst driving wasn't an option (and never a good idea). Instead, I recognised the shame spiral for what it was, shoved it aside and that kind of worked!

As for you all, how are you getting on with 2017?


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