Simplify for Joy #22: Peppy Prepping

On school nights I had to make sure that my books were packed and my uniform ready and wrinkle-free. I can still remember how topsy-turvy my day could get when I didn't (not to mention how irritated my mom was if anyone wasn't ready to leave for school on time).

Once I'd matriculated, I rebelled even harder against anything and everything my parents made us do. Preparing my outfit in advance was one of those tasks I quit purely because it was expected. How silly, right? I could've saved myself many a stressful morning had I kept at it.

Why Prepping?

In addition to the fact that planning your outfits in advance can help you reduce morning stress, it will also:
  1. Eliminate Outfit Regrets
  2. Save Time
  3. Introduce Variety to What You Wear
  4. Contentment With Your Wardrobe

[Adapted from 5 Ways Planning Outfits in Advance Will Change Your Life]

If you're not yet in the habit of preplanning your outfits, and you need some more guidance, read these:

We believe it all comes down to being intentional. Living with joy is a choice.

*What’s This?

Every week through 2017, we'll attempt one of Erica Layne's 52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life. For more info, you can read our introductory post here.


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