Simplify for Joy: Money & Music

Last week Monday was a Public Holiday here in South Africa, so we took some time off, but in order to stay on track here's another double-bill of tips for 2017:

#39 Are people still paying bills manually?

If you do, maybe it's time to upgrade.

Most online banking portals offer a fixed automated payment facility that you can set up yourself.

Another option is to contact the SP directly. Service providers will always be more than happy to sign you up for a debit order arrangement.

#40 Tune In to Tune Out

Erica self-soothes with mellowness, but right now we currently prefer these mostly-peppy tracks:

  1. Bad Liar, Selena Gomez
  2. It Happens, Sugarland
  3. She Drives Me Crazy, Fine Young Cannibals
  4. Holiday Road, Lindsay Buckingham
  5. Deep of the Night, GoldFish feat. Diamond Thug
  6. Dancing Again, Timo ODV
  7. Lowlife, That Poppy
  8. Dear Enemy, Night Club
  9. Ooh La La, Goldfrapp
  10. Remember Me cover by Daley & Jessie J
And for the randomly weird amongst you, there's always this.

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*What’s This?

Every week through 2017, we'll attempt one of Erica Layne's 52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life. For more info, you can read our introductory post here.


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