Simplify for Joy #38: You've Got Mail!

Or to be more precise: You've Got to REDUCE that Mail!

You should defs get yourself removed from any unsolicited (or unnecessary) mailings lists, but instead of taking 10 minutes to do it now, an even better idea is to apply the same 1 Minute Rule to your inbox as you would for general organisation.

Legally, every newsletter should provide you with an 'Unsubscribe' option - usually there's a link riiiiiiight at the bottom of each email.

Click it.

If you're not really excited about receiving that newsletter, click it.

If the newsletter is no longer useful / relevant to you, click it.

If you never asked to be added to the mailing list, click it!

And if there's no link, block the sender (or domain) or mark the message as 'Junk' for your mail server to handle for you.

You'll thanks us later.

PC: Colorfully

*What’s This?

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