Load shedding... Candle light... Missing my ex...

A bit too melodramatic? Probably. Only missing him now (after being broken up for over 19 months), because he has a new girlfriend? Most likely. Does it still hurt? Definitely.

A wise woman (my cousin with whom I share this blog**) once told me that apparently the brain remembers the occurrence of pain, but not the severity. I believe it. Why else does it feel as if I'm going through all of this for the first time? "Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. Been there several more times, because apparently I never learn!" - not a clue who said that, but it sums the situation up very well.

I'm a proud woman, who prefers to suffer in silence. Especially when it comes to my ex. Me? Yearn for you? Puh-lease! But tonight he can know (he probably won't, cause he's never followed a blog in his life and doesn't even know that I have one, so I'm still quite safe). Tonight I just feel like saying: if only he tried a little bit harder and carried on pursuing me a little while longer...

"There are things there I miss sooooo much; I've forgotten why I left" - Miss Kitty in Fievel Goes West

*Don't laugh! We're not tech savvy enough to figure it out completely yet, so I just need to take this quick last second to mention that this post was meant to be posted by Marli last night (and not through my Blogger Account again).

**Marli did write this. I did not add this to make myself look good :D


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