Simplify For Joy #7: Power Hour

Give Procrastination a Power Hour Knock-Out

This week's tip comes from Gretchen Rubin via Erica Layne.

Are there any tasks you keep putting off because you hate doing them, or because they take too much effort? Us too! Everyone struggles with the things they need to do, but don't enjoy doing.

The whole idea behind the Power Hour is to schedule 60 minutes to tackle one of these tasks and get it out of the way. You'd be surprised how much you can clear off your plate in just 1 hour (in less than half an hour, I cleared out my entire T-shirt shelf, threw the ones I no longer wear into a donation bag, refolded what was left, and reorganised the shelf from scratch).

Your turn.

Start with at least one Power Hour a week, and work your way up without letting “I have to,” “It’s so important,” and “I can do both.” back into your life.

*What’s This?

Every week through 2017, we'll attempt one of Erica Layne's 52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life. For more info, you can read our introductory post here.


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