New York, New York!

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):
the first three was found via Google Image Search and Pinterest (I was unable to locate the sources*),
but the one of Sal's was taken by the amazing Ken Kaminesky.

This just in:

Marli's going on a spur-of-the-moment trip to New York in November with one of her colleagues (also one of her besties).

I'm so jealous I could puke.

OF COURSE I'm excited for her, but that doesn't fight off the green monster. All our savings had to go into roof painting and animal hospital fees (Lucy broke her little leg) this year. So fucking suburban.

She's going to have such a great time! It's going to be awesome!!! Have you been? Where should they go, and what should they do while they're there?

*If you can help me find those to whom credit is due for these pretty pics, please let me know.


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