Secret Sunrise Johannesburg

Best Morning EVER

To greet the sun as it rose over another beautiful day in South Africa, this is what we did:

Welcoming - 06:00am, James & Ethel Gray Park, Birdhaven, Johannesburg

Right off the bat, don't wait for me to tell you how much fun we had, or how I think you need to add this experience to your bucket list - just Google it, sign up and join in on the next one.

Since you're still reading, let me tell you more...

I loudly proclaimed my displeasure to the universe (and everyone in my immediate vicinity) at waking up to darkness ('What madness is this?! I'm all for night time, but not when it's morning!'). However, the cost was minimal (just R100pp), the anticipation epic (you only find out the theme and eventually the specific location as part of the build up towards the event), and the experience invigorating (after more than 12 hours I'm still going at this day like an Energizer Bunny).

Crouched in the starting position for our final burrow towards the light. And the only photo I could find with us in it.

Basically, you dress up (according to the day's theme - if you want to), slap on some headphones (provided for the event by its organisers) before you end up doing a weird combination of yoga/ aerobics/ interpretive dance at a random location with people you have never met before.

We felt like kids again, and being so comfortable alongside so many strangers wasn't as difficult for me as it normally is. Maybe the stress was alleviated not only by my anxiety meds, and because I was there with Marli, but also the vibe - everyone was just sending beautiful, positive energy towards each other. It was fantastic, and I can't wait to do my next one!

P.S. This is also a fun workout for anyone who needs a break from their normal gym routine.

Note: All photos straight from Secret Sunrise Johannesburg's Album on their Facebook Page; and I'm posting this without Marli's usual editorial input - because she's studying for the rest of the week and I shouldn't be bothering her :)


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