Eat, Pray, Love

Marli loaned her copy to me to read when I started going through one of my roughest patches this year, so I only saw it fitting that I post my review on our blog as she's the one who got me to read it (I never even thought of sitting down and reading it before she loaned it to me, becuase I usually ignore commercially popular novels). It deals with another woman's search for everything, so it's in line with our blog theme as well.

This book affects readers in different ways, I think, depending on which stage of their life they find themselves in (or in which type of life crisis). Maybe it also links into your personality type? Whatever the reason, Liz clearly explains in the Introduction why she decided to divide her book into three Pursuits, and after reading it, I cannot imagine it flowing together in any other way.

For me, India spoke to my heart, whereas Marli said she enjoyed Italy & Indonesia more. This meant that reading the whole novel took me a little longer than expected (it really isn't a very long one at just under 350 pages), because I wanted to allow the words enough time to fully resonate with every crevice of my soul. I needed them to write themselves in my bones, because I just know that I'm going to need them as I try to further navigate my spiritual limbo.

Even if the genre isn't your usual cup of tea, I really feel you should give it a try. Come on! Challenge yourself on a deeper level for a change.


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